1. Relax and Breathe

Turn off the TV, tablet, phone, and give yourself some quiet time.  Focus on your breathing, meditate, pray, do some yoga, or go for a walk in nature.  Whatever relaxes your mind and puts you in a better mood, do it daily.

one way to relax and improve your business results

One way to relax and improve your business results

2. Review Your Plan or Goals

Review briefly everyday your weekly, monthly, short-term goals. Weekly review your long term goals. Create a to-do list and hold yourself accountable for what you need to do that day. Begin with the most important ones and work your way through as many as possible. You’ll find yourself being more productive when you write it down.

3. Stay Current

Knowledge is key. Give yourself a block of time daily to stay current for your industry. Read market reports, follow a trusted source on Internet, Facebook or Twitter, etc. to find the latest trends and keep yourself updated.

4. Use Social Media

Get yourself your own website and Facebook page for your business if you have not already! Update your page regularly to keep your clients /customers informed about your brand. Share informative content you believe would be useful to your followers. Social media is such a powerful tool that it allows you to market from a local, to global scale.

5. Stay Connected to Others

Social media does allow us to stay connected to friends, family, clients, partners, etc. Set a time daily, Monday to Friday to pick up the phone and call at least 5 people to say hello. Chat for a few minutes, maybe set up a lunch date. If you have a new contact’s business card, follow up with them and build your relationship. Ask how you can help them in their business or life. You do not have to pitch your product or business to everyone, just ask how they are and what are they looking for.

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