Have you ever been inspired to take action on a thought or idea only to regret moving forward with the idea? Perhaps you came up with an original invention only to learn years later that someone else moved forward with a patent for a product that you created in your mind years before.

Act on a PromptingThe little voice in our heads and hearts prompt us daily. It is incumbent upon us to not only be in tune with inner and outer promptings but also follow through and act upon them. The very definition of a “prompting” tells us that we are spurred to give rise, inspire and to assist in some way, shape or form.

If you are blessed with the sense of sound, and hear a loud bang outside your window, most people would naturally look out the window to see what, if any, action might be required by you. Why then are we so reluctant to listen to that voice in your head, or to the suggestions of people who care about you, to move forward in action?

Conversely, why is it we allow the naysayers to sway us from taken affirmative action in our lives and the lives of others?

Much debate has taken place regarding the notion of whether or not we are born with fear. Experts debate whether involuntary responses of infants/children are fearful acts. It is generally agreed that over time many of us develop fears. Be it from our own personal experiences or the words, thoughts and deeds of others, we can surmise that fear is a genuinely acquired human emotion.

Fears can, and often do, sabotage not only your personal relationships but can limit you in your success in business. Ask yourself today if you fear success, failure or the unknown. If you answer yes then it is time to stretch yourself and reach out to someone who can assist you to overcome these fears. Listen honestly and carefully to our inner voice and ask yourself “Who am I?” and “What am I going to do with my life?

There are endless possibilities awaiting you when you discover your inner voice. Ultimately, when you take steps to improve yourself, you will be more prepared to give yourself freely to the world. Be a Difference Maker and share your gifts and talents with the world.

Lisa Caroglanian Dorazio, Bestselling Author and President & CEO of CanAmeri Consulting, Inc. Also known as the “Follow-Up Fanatic”, Lisa consults and coaches people and their businesses in an effort to propel them forward to success.
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