Are You 100% Responsible for the Synchronicities in Your Life?

I am Responsible for Everything That Shows Up in My Life

Have you ever experienced any devastating events? Looking back, can you think of them as synchronicities that challenged you in ways that moved you forward or made your life better? Bad things happen to good people, as the saying goes. Are we responsible for it? In my case, I know that to be true.

The Impact of a Revitalized Mindset

In 2014, I walked the Camino de Santiago. The experience revitalized my mindset and ripped apart all my long-held, limiting beliefs. Often, I walked alone for 6 or 7 hours a day, permitting me time for reflection that literally changed my life. Every day brought new insights, incredible ideas, delicious experiences and captivating people into my sphere. Through abundant synchronicities and a lot of soul searching, a new Dale emerged.

New Opportunities Show Up as SynchronicitiesAbundance, Love and Synchronicities Will Unfold Around You

Multiple choices present themselves daily, however, most people say no without even considering a new idea or opportunity. Fear of the unknown prevents people from living an unstoppable life by driving most decisions. When I spoke to the radiologist, I knew I could not endure 25 rounds of radiation emotionally. The anguish I felt every time I spoke with him, caused me to worry for hours after the phone call or the appointment. When I said, “NO, I take charge of my life and my healing!”, I felt empowered. Without the change in my mindset, I am not sure I could have embarked on this life affirming process.

Synchronicities Abound When Your Attitude Improves

Limiting beliefs strangle your creativity, damage your relationships, and reduce your ability to earn an abundant income. The choice is yours.

Shifts in your thoughts and emotions reverberate throughout your entire experience. In business, the belief that “you are enough” changes the clients you attract. Knowing you are loved and desirable, magnetises people to you. Learning a new language is easy when you are motivated to travel through Europe for a few months. The love of your life materializes when you believe that you have incredible gifts to offer and that any potential partner would be lucky to have you. Relationships improve when you see your partner through the new paradigm of love. Create a new dynamic in your world.

Abundance, Love and Synchronicities Will Unfold Around YouAbundance, Love and Synchronicities Will Unfold Around You

Appreciating yourself and seeing the expertise, beauty and strength you inherently own, creates synchronicities and opportunities that seemingly appear out of nowhere. People and circumstances will begin to respond differently to you.

Your new life experience commences now. Choose expansion, delight, love, success. Welcome everything in your life by discovering the golden nugget in each experience. Watch as prosperity, love and synchronicities unfold around you.

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