Attitude is Everything… Do You Raise the Vibration in a Conversation or Lower it?

I believe, many people are choosing to look at life differently than what we’ve traditionally been told is the way to live our lives. I tend to be a very optimistic person. However, it takes a fair amount of work at times. When I’m faced with things that other people think are impossible, very often I will just ignore what people say, defy ordinary logic and just go ahead and do it.

Recently, I was at an event and one of the networking exercises was to explain a little bit about our business, and share a few words about ourselves. In addition, one of the women talked about how a smile makes such a difference in the world. That you never know how it will affect someone. Possibly, it could make a huge difference in an otherwise very drab or sad day for someone.

Attitude is Everything... Do You Raise the Vibration in a Conversation or Lower it?Then, one of the women spoke up in response by talking about how she felt sorry for all the young people in the world who are so hooked on their phones. She said that everybody goes out for dinner, has their phone out, and nobody converses. The positive energy that existed around the table, immediately, turned negative. Within a second of her comment, the six other women at the table shared a negative story about cell phones and social media. That first negative comment destroyed the energetic and vibrant atmosphere around the table.

Attitude is Everything... Do You Raise the Vibration in a Conversation or Lower it?

If Attitude is Everything, How Important is It?

Dismayed at the change of energy, it reminded me of a story about one of my first job interviews when I was fresh out of design school. One evening I ended up at a restaurant with a group of people I barely knew. I felt uncomfortable conversing with anyone because, I was extremely introverted. The man sitting next to me, grouchy and uninterested in being there, did not smile and was not participating in any conversations. My goal decided, before the end of the evening, I would have this man enjoying himself. Our exchange, difficult at first, became relaxed and entertaining over the course of the meal. Dinner came to an end and mission accomplished. Smiling and laughing, he had thoroughly appreciated the company and the food. Feeling great that I had made a small difference in this man’s life, we parted company. I never expected to see him again.

The next day I had a job interview with a fashion design company. Nervously, I went in and spoke with the employer. After a few minutes, he said, “Okay, here is a diagram of a pair of pants. Make the pattern for them. You have half an hour. When you’re done, bring it back we will decide if you’re skilled enough for us to hire.” Half an hour later, I handed him the pattern.

In the office, there was a man standing with his back to me. I had a short conversation with the gentleman who hopefully would hire me. Suddenly, the other man turned around. Recognizing him from dinner the night before, we both laughed. That encounter changed the whole course of the interview. As a silent partner in the business, he offered me the job on the spot. Synchronicity, absolutely, however had I not gone out of my way to brighten his experience the night before, I would have been just another applicant.

A long story to make a very short point. The energy we put out, draw experiences and opportunities into our lives. Attitude is everything. That is the stance I’m taking with my health, as well. I believe that I can heal without traditional therapy. I am planning to walk the Camino again in celebration of full healing. We choose our beliefs which become our actions and create our results. Do you actually have the luxury of a negative thought?

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