Laugh your way to a happy day

Are you focused on making your day miserable or the best it can be? Are you lacking motivation? Feeling low? Time to have some fun…let laughter work its magic on you!  They say laughter is the best medicine so why not make yourself healthy.  You can focus on the negative, the drama, stressors, or focus on happy thoughts and being in the moment. 

Did you know that not only is Laughter the Best Medicine, but it is the fastest and easiest way to de-stress. Research has shown and proven that when we laugh out loud for at least ten minutes, our body naturally makes a cocktail of chemicals, a joy cocktail, that kill cells in our body that could create diseases like Cancer, or heal Cancer if practised on a daily basis. 

Regular laughter strengthens our immune system, lowers our heart rate and blood pressure, relieves pain and also allows us and reminds us to focus and enjoy this present moment. Laughter has been proven to have a positive effect on diabetes breathing problems, depression, stress, memory, concentration, self-esteem, burns calories, tones the body and improves digestion. It clears the fear so we can experience joy. It instantly makes us feel more joyful and younger, if practised for more than a few giggles and on a regular basis. 

Did you know that we are not born with a “sense of humour”?

We are very fortunate if we are born into a family that has developed a sense of humour, and we learn from them.  It is never too late to develop your own sense of humour, and allow yourself to laugh.  Over time as we get older some of us, un-train ourselves to laugh, we get really serious and can allow ourselves to have a victim mentality instead of looking at the positives. 

Our physical health can be affected if we are not aware of negative fearful thinking. It is natural to experience grief after a traumatic event or any personal tragedy.  Grief of a loved one, a job, or a way of life, can be eased by implementing laughter into your life. When we are sad, people try to get us to laugh to feel better. When we do laugh, we actually do feel better. Why? It is the happy hormones. It is the physical act of laughing, rather than the intellectual pleasure that makes laughing feel so right. 

We need to be aware of the habits that do not serve us in our life. Holding onto resentment or the energy we attach to events from the past, does not allow us to feel good. When we practice laughter and forgiveness, we can create better health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

It has been proven that the body does not know the difference between simulated and real laughter; a real smile and a forced one, both have the same effect on the body and the people around you. It is contagious.  Laugh as much as possible. Experience the inner joy. Feel refreshed, invigorated and relaxed. Release your inner child, and laugh spontaneously, take yourself and others less seriously and view your surroundings in a positive light. Laugh your way to good health.


What are you waiting for…laugh!! 

Submitted by

Karen Pedersen
Crystal Clear Laughter & Hypnosis

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