Confidence and PredictabilityAccording to Bob Biehl, “confidence is a by-product of predictability.”

Now you may think, what does that mean? Or, how am I supposed to apply that? When things are going predictably for you, it is much easier to be confident in what you are doing. You go about your routines without thinking too much about them.

When your routines are interrupted, or a monkey wrench is thrown into your world, anything that is unpredictable, you may feel less confident.

As an example, you may have the best presentation ever with the most beautiful slides and you are confident in your ability to present it. Unfortunately, right when you get up to give your presentation you discover that the computer has erased your presentation. You know your material but without the slides, you may feel less confident about actually giving it.

I realize that not everyone would feel this way and some people love winging it and would not use slides. But think of the analogy.

When something goes wrong, we tend to feel stressed and this can impact our ability to feel confident. Unpredictability can create a feeling of loss of control which can also increase our feelings of stress. Predictability makes many people feel more in control which increases feelings of confidence.

Confidence and PredictabilityMost people tend to feel confident about themselves to the degree they feel they are in control of their lives. But the opposite is also true, when someone feels that they are not in control of their lives, they feel less confident or more insecure about themselves.

Being aware that your confidence can be affected by the unpredictable events in your life can give you hope and freedom. Once you have managed and overcome the unpredictable, whatever it may be, your confidence level will likely be restored. It is how you chose to handle yourself when things come up that is truly a measure of your resilience.

Leah Albrecht

Vector Catalyst