We have all heard about the negative side of stress, the diseases it causes, the emotions it brings out, the failures in life. Various forms of stress surround us. Oxidative stress (toxins in the environment, the imperfect foods we eat, the dangerous drugs prescribed to those in need, even the air we breath contains particles unfamiliar to our true existence. Physical endurance causes stress to our body, life changes cause emotional stress. Does this sound familiar? Did you know you can override stress in your life and become a better person?

Personal growth and development can solve many areas of stress. Choices in life that are positive will bring peace and less emotion to relieve this stress. Maybe it will be a walk in quiet solitude, a lunch with a confident/friend who can understand your discussion and be protective of who you are and your thoughts. Will it be the accomplishment of something that has been outstanding for far too long. Gratitude and thankfulness overrides stress.

Simple actions also relieve stress, say Hi to a stranger, open the door for someone, offer someone a ride, give someone a good word, this all is positive and moving towards less stress in your life.

Be sure to wake on a positive note, continue your day in a positive attitude, and be grateful for the day.

Submitted by

Lorna Davies