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Panel of ‘Experts’

So far we have Cyn Dunn, Leah Albrecht and Ritu Guglani confirmed as panelists.

More info coming soon!

Leah Albrecht

Vector Catalyst

Leah is a coach, trainer, speaker, and confidence catalyst who loves to help small business owners and entrepreneurs bring clarity and structure to chaos.

Whether you need help with website design and development, animated whiteboard video creation, computer programs, or live video production and editing, Leah is passionate about supporting clients to share their message with the world.

Leah Albrecht, MBA

Cyn Dunn

Choice Dementia Services

With over two decades of helping people realize their best and coaching teams to succeed in their endeavors, Cyn’s diverse education and experience has allowed her to meet a variety of needs for a broad client base.

Cyn’s latest and most challenging role stems from her more recent life experience. The loss of her first husband to cancer, a horrific car accident which left her son with a severe brain injury and the loss of both her Dad, who had Alzheimer’s and her Mom to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – both within 30 days, left Cyn permanently transformed.

Since then she has turned her attention to the supporting and promoting the awareness of the special needs of CareGivers. Cyn spent the first part of her career helping people make better choices and decisions about their lives. Today, fueled by her transformative personal experiences, she now focuses on the wellbeing of CareGivers as CEO of Choice Dementia Services. Her mission is to help the CareGiver who struggles with bringing mind and body to harmony and balance, and live the fullest life they can, one moment at a time. 

Cynthia Dunn
Founder & CEO

Ritu Guglani

RV Communications Canada

Ritu Guglani discovered her inner voice as a writer, editor and blogger during her work as an influencer and champion of health and social issues. She grew up in India, practiced OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) successfully for many years, and raised two amazing daughters.

She is now a science writer and editor in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. She has a Professional Communications post degree diploma from Douglas College, and a distinction in Science Writing from Stanford Medical University. Ritu loves plain language – the kind you would use in a well-informed conversation with friends.

Ritu Gugliani
Science Writer

Diana Kehoe

Pampered Chef, Barefoot Books, Tricity Heartlink

Diana Kehoe is thrilled to serve our community by leading networking events for professional women. Tri-City Heart Link meetings are fun and effective for making new friends and growing your business at the same time. Diana can help you get in and out of the kitchen faster and healthier with Pampered Chef. Diana also loves sharing her love of literacy and her training/skills as an Early Childhood Education with Barefoot Books.

Diana Kehoe

Mona Arora

Realtor, Remax Performance Realty

Mona is a Successful Realtor with Remax and Founder of her Brand StrataQueens, an Author of a book – Monavated, Life Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, Key Note Expert, business coach, and a corporate trainer. She has also been featured in the book Babes in Business Suits as one of the world’s top twelve female entrepreneurs who have escalated to great heights within their chosen field. Her work gets published in magazines, newspapers etc.

Her strong belief that “we already have everything we need to be successful in everything we do” lets her to let people step in to their own being and be what they want to be, precisely! Because as William H. Johnson once said; “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

Mona Arora
Phone: 604-809-1111
Website: www.StrataQueens.com
Email: listwithmona@gmail.com


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