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Featured Speaker – Linda Holmes

Your Guide to the Financial Future You’ve Envisioned

A caring advocate for her clients’ best interests, Linda joined the investment industry in 1999. With Linda, you’ll receive a uniquely personalized investment advice and coaching. Using her combination of skills, compassion and experience, she does more than simply provide wealth management services – she truly makes a difference in the lives of her clients, guiding them through complex financial issues and life stages.

But investment management is just one component of a comprehensive wealth strategy. Through RBC Wealth Management, Linda also provides leading services like:

  • Retirement planning, to help you achieve the retirement you deserve
  • Tax planning, to ensure you aren’t paying more tax than you need to
  • Investment management, to help you meet your investment objectives and manage risk
  • Estate planning, to ensure the efficient transfer of your wealth to loved ones when the time comes
  • Business succession planning, to create a smooth transition or sale of your business

We could all benefit from a personalized roadmap. To get started, or for an objective review of the one you have in place, give Linda a call today. Whether it’s at the office, at home or over a cup of coffee, her review can give you peace of mind that you’re on track to the financial future you want.

5 Min. Speaker – Tanya Sahota

Slow Down to Speed Up Your Results!

How many times do you feel your day is not going as planned? Do you feel out of control? Frustrated?

When we simply push our way through the day to day schedules and to dos we can feel burned out. Calming your mind will increase your results.

A simple technique to calm your mind to increase your effectiveness in 5 minutes or less can make the difference between a great day and one that seems to have gone off the rails. Guided or self-guided interludes throughout your day or minimally at the start of your day are key to your success and peace of mind. Intuition is a natural function – everybody has it. The key is learning how to use it accurately and reliably.

Why not be 100% in control of your own mind. Learn to effectively meditate to heal or correct any imbalances in your life. Learn to think! Discover how to use tools and techniques to develop many skills so you can create powerful life changing results and experiences. Develop your mind to achieve any desired results and learn to concentrate with focus and clarity:

  • Create “good vibes” and establish instant rapport with anyone.
  • Build more fulfilling and meaningful relationships.
  • Get healthier and stay healthier longer. Heal yourself.
  • Relieve stress and relax easily.
  • Eliminate bad habits forever.
  • Reach your center of relaxation in minutes or seconds as you practice
  • Discover true purpose for your life
  • Make better decisions (for health, relationships & business)

Find lasting inner peace of mind and much much more.

Stay focused and in control of your emotions, feelings and results.


Panel of ‘Experts’

So far we have Cyn Dunn, Leah Albrecht and Ritu Guglani confirmed as panelists.

More info coming soon!

Leah Albrecht

Vector Catalyst

Leah is a coach, trainer, speaker, and confidence catalyst who loves to help small business owners and entrepreneurs bring clarity and structure to chaos.

Whether you need help with website design and development, animated whiteboard video creation, computer programs, or live video production and editing, Leah is passionate about supporting clients to share their message with the world.

Leah Albrecht, MBA

Cyn Dunn

Choice Dementia Services

With over two decades of helping people realize their best and coaching teams to succeed in their endeavors, Cyn’s diverse education and experience has allowed her to meet a variety of needs for a broad client base.

Cyn’s latest and most challenging role stems from her more recent life experience. The loss of her first husband to cancer, a horrific car accident which left her son with a severe brain injury and the loss of both her Dad, who had Alzheimer’s and her Mom to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) – both within 30 days, left Cyn permanently transformed.

Since then she has turned her attention to the supporting and promoting the awareness of the special needs of CareGivers. Cyn spent the first part of her career helping people make better choices and decisions about their lives. Today, fueled by her transformative personal experiences, she now focuses on the wellbeing of CareGivers as CEO of Choice Dementia Services. Her mission is to help the CareGiver who struggles with bringing mind and body to harmony and balance, and live the fullest life they can, one moment at a time. 

Cynthia Dunn
Founder & CEO

Ritu Guglani

RV Communications Canada

Ritu Guglani discovered her inner voice as a writer, editor and blogger during her work as an influencer and champion of health and social issues. She grew up in India, practiced OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) successfully for many years, and raised two amazing daughters.

She is now a science writer and editor in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia. She has a Professional Communications post degree diploma from Douglas College, and a distinction in Science Writing from Stanford Medical University. Ritu loves plain language – the kind you would use in a well-informed conversation with friends.

Ritu Gugliani
Science Writer

Diana Kehoe

Pampered Chef, Barefoot Books, Tricity Heartlink

Diana Kehoe is thrilled to serve our community by leading networking events for professional women. Tri-City Heart Link meetings are fun and effective for making new friends and growing your business at the same time. Diana can help you get in and out of the kitchen faster and healthier with Pampered Chef. Diana also loves sharing her love of literacy and her training/skills as an Early Childhood Education with Barefoot Books.

Diana Kehoe

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