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20 Minute Speaker

Lisa van Reeuwyk


Position your Brand and Crack the Code on Growth & Profitability
When you started your business you wanted to do meaningful work that not only made an impact on peoples lives, but also in your bank account.
You recognized some of your superpowers and decided to turn it into a business. You harnessed your passion, excitement and determination and set off to create something really special.
How is it going?
It’s busy out there isn’t it? Are you struggling to:
~ stand out amongst the noise & crowded landscape on social media & google?
~ create meaningful connections?
~ scale & grow your business?
~ work less while making more money?
~ navigate the demands on your time?
~ prioritize your top priorities and kick some serious butt on your revenue targets?
That stops today.
Learn my best tips to cut through the chaos and grow your empire with ease. (We ALL have an empire.)
~ your efforts to make an impact
~ to produce time freedom as you make more money and have more fun
~ to spark your desire for renewed sense of purpose & unlimited earning potential
~ create tangible progress & growth in positioning your business
Don’t look back and wish you’d already started.
You’re dreams matter.
Let’s get them on top of your to-do list shall we?
Learning Objectives:
Understand what is undermining your business development
Utilize tools to support change, discipline and accountability
Redefine your mindset around marketing and never feel “salesy” again
Learn techniques to create an engaged community
As we give, we receive, and when you invest in yourself and your business, others will too. Spend an afternoon connecting with other business owners and learn some essential strategies to create growth in your business.


Lisa van Reeuwyk is a mom to two beauty-full girls and has her eyes wide open to the importance of women taking ownership of out-dated stereotypes and blazing new trails. Lisa brings harmony to life with her 25+ year yoga practice, an active lifestyle and giving back to her community through volunteering and her role as a Mentor for the FWE, her seat on the Women in Business Committee for the TriCities Chamber of Commerce. Business owners hire Lisa to show them how to make more money and have more fun.
She launched Bloom Business Development in 2009 and has since coached countless change makers, start ups and creatives to create clarity, consistency & killer cashflow. Lisa works as a Certified Life & Executive Coach, Business Coach, Facilitator for her Mastermind group Burgundy, workshop leader, public speaker & blogger.


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