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June 22

Niki Rapanos

NKR Downsizing Solutions


Topic: Setting Business Goals to Achieve Success

How do you define Success?  It’s hard to know if you’ve ‘made it’, if you don’t know what Success looks like.  We’re going to look at a basic road map on how to achieve success, however you define that term.  We’ll discuss how much time you need to put into your business, measuring metrics, goal planning and reviewing your goals.  Success is a measurement, not just a feeling.

I have over 30 years experience as Facility Manager for Hi-Tech Companies and as a Sales Professional for Business Technology.  I have had the privilege of working with, and learning from, some of the best companies and CEOs in Metro Vancouver.

I have taken that business experience and skills in organizing, developing processes and team building to working with families and individuals to downsize their homes and move forward with their lives.

My clients trust me.  They understand I really do have their best interests at heart.  My goal is to make this difficult process as easy as possible for them, and try and find new homes for their possessions, which represents their history, stories, and memories.  Often, I hand people a cheque which helps them move to their new home. 

Downsizing usually happens when someone is moving.  This is an incredibly stressful time and my job is to help people see a way through so they can move forward.   Helping people reduce, reuse, and recycle, and then selling what we can, enables individuals and families to take the next step forward in their lives.

2019 Finalist, Business Leader of the Year, South Surrey White Rock Chamber of Commerce

2020 Environmental Sustainability Award, MaxSold.

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