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October 27

Susan Curtis

Founder & CEO of Greater Insight

Topic: 3 Simple Steps to Stand Up to Imposter Syndrome 

Discover what Imposter Syndrome is, recognize when it flares up, and learn to kick it to the curb! 

Susan has reinvented herself many times – from leadership roles at Simon and Schuster, launching successful high-tech magazines such as PC World and Mobile Office, working with Fortune 500 CEOs, building technology companies as an executive recruiter, founding a digital marketing agency to coaching women to excellence. Susan brings her passion, expertise, skills and unique mindset to empower female business professionals to overcome their roadblocks and self-doubt and create the business – and the life – they love.

After the trauma of the Northridge earthquake, Susan rediscovered what was important to her.  She was sidelined by health issues, including cancer and a stroke, and with each hurdle, she came back, more and more clear on the value and meaning of her life. Susan is dedicated to improving the lives of the people she touches.

Susan Curtis

November 24

Ashley Doan


December 8

Amy Ku ~ Medicus Wellness

Health Coach and Functional Medicine Pharmacist

Topic: Health and Lifestyle Choices for Optimum Wellness

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