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Featured Speaker


Trish Tansley

Healthy Habits with Trish

3 Simple Steps to Kick Cravings

Trish is a Certified Holistic Health, Wellness & Diabetes Practitioner

who has a passion to Educate on living a healthier lifestyle.

Her motto is “change your habits, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

She is also a Best-Selling – Co-Author of “Empowered Entrepreneurs”

Trish also offers “mini health retreats” out of her Health & Wellness practice in White Rock. 

She is an advocate to live a Happy, Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle by creating Healthier Habits.

5 Minute Speaker


Maura Majano

Overcoming Anxiety

In this 5 minute spotlight, Maura will address the different types of anxiety and some simple tips to help defeat the “worry dragons”.

Since receiving my BA (1992) and BEd (2000) from UBC, I have helped write educational workbooks on communication skills and run my own tutoring business. I prefered the personal approach to teaching tutoring affords me and have gained a clear understanding of what children with learning challenges need to succeed.

After my children were born and entered public school, I understood even more fully the needs of special learners. Both my children are on the spectrum and I have educated myself to support their learning: educationally and emotionally.

I have attended many workshops on autism and social skills as well as Sibshops, PEERS and Facing Your Fears training. Social deficits and anxiety often impact learning and overall well-being and so I offer friendship groups to build students’ skills and resilience. My classes target students anxiety, self regulation and communication skills.

Personally, I have learned to advocate for my kids and navigate the public and homeschool system. I am hoping to build my business so that I can help these special learners like my own children. My underlying purpose is to help students emotionally while supporting their educational goals.


Featured Speaker


Rita Cousins

Mortage Architects

Mortgage options, how your home can make $’s for you

I have been in the Financial Services industry for over 30 years and am a Government licensed Mortgage Broker and a member of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia. MBABC members adhere to a Code of Ethics related to our profession that goes above and beyond the already high standard set by our provincial Registrar of Mortgage Brokers. I am a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialists with HomEquity bank providing solutions for clients 55 years of age or older. My daughter and I decided to form The Cousins Mortgage Team and happily help people with mortgage options for purchasing or refinancing their homes.

5 Minute Speaker


Cyn Dunn

Choice Dementia Services

Knowing about Dementia Makes Caregiving Easier

Top 5 questions I’ve been asked frequently about Alzheimer’s and

  1. What’s the difference between Alzheimer’s and a related Dementia?
  2. Is there a cure for either or both?
  3. How can I tell if someone’s forgetfulness is part of normal aging vs. a sign of Alzheimer’s or a related Dementia?
  4. How can I prevent the disease from getting worse?
  5. Why does the behaviour and abilities of someone with Alzheimer’s or a related Dementia change from day to day?

About Cyn Dunn
Following the loss of her first husband to cancer, a horrific car accident which left her son with a severe brain injury and the loss of both her Dad, who had Alzheimer’s and her Mom to ALS (Lou
Gehrig’s disease) – both within 30 days, left our CEO, Cyn Dunn permanently transformed. Cyn saw the need for greater support systems for primary CareGivers in the homecare industry. Since then, she has focused on putting the “Home” back in homecare and building long term relationships with her clients and their loved ones.

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