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Featured Speaker


Linda Holmes

Investment Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.

“Back to Basics” Investing Principles

  • RRSP vs TFSA Vs non-registered, things to know
  • Types of securities and where they fall on the risk scale
  • Value of time, compounding
  • Dollar-cost averaging
  • Putting it all together to fit you.

All of us can benefit from a personalized road-map guiding us through complex financial issues and life stages. Linda has been in the investment industry since 1999. With her skills, compassion and experience, Linda provides a comprehensive wealth strategy and makes a difference in the lives of her clients.

5 Minute Speaker


Alexandra MacLean-Kelly

Lifemark Residences

3 Misconceptions business women have about their Mom living at home independently

“You sure have a lot of energy” is a phrase Alexandra has heard through out her life. She’s passionate about sharing her energy with aging loved ones while guiding them in discovering their longterm lifestyle & care wishes. She’s the Co-founder of Lifemark Residences, boutique residence living for seniors which merges her love of healing seniors as an RMT of 9 years with her background as a real estate investor.


Featured Speaker


Robyn McTague

Master Holistic Healer

Using Enneagrams to Build and Enhance your Business

We all know that success in business is all about cultivating connected quality relationships. 

The enneagram is an ancient personality typing tool. By understanding ourselves and our reactions, we can choose to respond differently and create the relationships we want. 

We can also find the gifts within us and find the gratitude for who we are.  As a result our business can thrive and quality relationships are enhanced.

Robyn McTague is a Master Holistic Healer, creator of A Life of Choice coaching, including enneagram coaching, teacher, numerologist, motivational map practitioner, speaker and author.  She combines her knowledge of psychology, conflict resolution and other techniques with metaphysics and energy, resulting in a unique approach.  She assists both adults and children shift vibration and perspective, creating a life of freedom and choice.

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