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Anne Whitmore

Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

Coactive Coach/Business Trainer – DivaFish Communications

How to Show Your Customers You Love Them for Immeasurable Results

Would you like to get more referral business and work with repeat customers? Well you can! Anne will give you simple, practical strategies that you can implement in your business right away.

– Learn how to genuinely show gratitude to your customers and make them feel appreciated. 

– Create opportunities for your customers to refer you. 

– Build customer appreciation into your business success plan. 

Anne will include event, low tech and a Facebook strategy in her talk. Come and learn with us – your customers will thank you!


Patti Flostrand

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Bookkeeping creates order – Order creates growth

Why Bookkeeping Matters to your Business

  • Laying the foundation
  • Understanding and managing your numbers
  • Showing your financial worth and credibility

Why Cloud-Based Software can make your Business Sing

  • Access to your numbers anytime, anywhere
  • Create an ecosystem to fit your business
  • Get a real-time view of your business

Why your Dream of a Successful Business really can come true

  • The first law of order is expansion

Patti is a member of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada.

She has Pro Advisor and Advanced Certification status with QuickBooks, Partner Certification with Xero. Her practical bookkeeping experience includes working with several small businesses in the trades, sales and services industries. 

With over 30 years of sales, management and administration experience building rapport and trusting relationships in the real estate services industry Patti was licensed as both a real estate salesperson and a managing broker. She is past president of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board and sat for four years as a director of the British Columbia Real Estate Association which together, provided her with well over a decade of strategic planning experience. 

Dr Holly Fourchalk

Choices Unlimited for Health & Wellness

Inflammation the silent killer

In the last decade we have heard Inflammation identified as the silent killer, but what is causing the inflammation may be much more important. As usual, we don’t want to manage the symptoms, we want to eliminate the cause!!! Learn to prevent chronic inflammation and how to eliminate it.

Dr Holly has seven degrees and three designations in all the different healing modalities. She left med school because they were so far behind. She was surprised how far behind Naturopathic was as well – left after the second year.
She is a Dr of Natural Medicine, Dr of Psychology, and her latest PhD was in Nutrition where she identified the biochemistry for cellular healing. 

In addition, she is a scientist, International Professional speaker and the author of 20 books. She has a Mobile Health Clinic that can come to your home & assess 1000s of variables right down to your genetics and create a personalized healing protocol just for you!!


Jami Savage

Savage and Wiser

Social Media Strategy for 2020 – What’s In, What’s Out, and how to manage your social strategically

Are you interested in leveraging social media to help grow your business but don’t want to have it take over your time and your life! Learn how to streamline your social, where you spend time (and where you shouldn’t) as you plan your 2020 Marketing plan!

Jami Savage owns Savage and Wiser – A Digital Media Agency based out of Fort Langley. A collective of expertise Savage and Wiser helps small and medium size businesses use social media and digital media to build their business through strong strategic plans and expert execution.

To learn more visit www.savageandwiser.com

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