you say, “I’m Glad I Worked When I Could!” Today, on Facebook, I noticed a post by Gloria Mayfield Banks, who is a top National Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. She has a pretty incredible lifestyle from her dedication and hard work in her business. She captioned an image, “I’m glad I worked when I could!” Have you ever felt that you have all the time in the world? You’re young and death is a long way off. Conversely, have you noticed that as you get older time seems to speed by so much more quickly!

Lately, I have been tracking time spent on tasks that are on my “to do” list. Interestingly enough, it seems that I’m spending excess time on inconsequential things that could best done by others or not done at all. Social media although important, can also be a vortex that sucks you in with little to show for time spent. Delegation is one thing I still struggle to master. I admit it, I am a bit of a control freak. I always think that I can do things better or faster. For years I have been told to delegate more. I have resisted, I am ashamed to say!

When new people are presented with an opportunity to create a business for themselves, often they are given guidelines to follow. Even when you’ve had personal experience and know that these suggestions will improve their outcomes, often they don’t listen, or they don’t act on them, thinking that it doesn’t apply to them. If someone else has successfully used these strategies, then new people should be able to achieve similar results as well, as long as they model the behaviour or the actions of the people who have been successful. What makes new recruits ignore good advice or standard operating procedures that could make their efforts produce positive results? In my experience, in many cases, it can be attributed to fear.

When you’re fearful, there are a couple of things that might happen. Number one, you might not do anything at all because you’re so afraid of failure, that you become catatonic. Or, possibly, you pretend to attempt by creating busy work. Number two, some people when they are afraid will take on a goal that is so huge, so gargantuan that there’s almost a 99 percent chance that they’ll fail. Their reasoning is that they feel everybody will say, “Well that was such a big goal that nobody no expected you to do that anyway.” This way, they don’t lose face. Is it fear that is controlling you? If it is, what can you do to eliminate that fear?

Identify what motivated you when you were successful in the past. If the motivation has a huge “why” component often the desire for the payoff at the end forces you to take action. That, along with consistency, can almost guarantee a successful end result.

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Dale Kathryn Grove