Do you feel as if you have the power to live your dreams?

Is it just me?

Everywhere I go I seem to be hearing more talk telling me “Now More Than Ever We Have the Power to Live Our Dreams” I see it in my news feeds, Instagram, at the library, at coffee shops, and talking to friends and business associates. Everywhere I go I hear people saying “I’ve Created A Job That I Don’t Need a Vacation From”, “I Dreamt It and I’m Living It”, “I’ve Followed My Heart and the Money is Following”. What I want to know is…

…Are YOU living your dream?

When you’re working do you feel like you’re on vacation? Is your heart satiated every moment you’re working on your business? Do you have all the money you need? If your answer is yes, I’d really like to hear from you.

What tools and methods do you apply daily, weekly and monthly to your life and business?

Please share your story in the comment section below.

If you don’t feel as if you do have the power to live your dreams, do your best to listen closely. We who do have the power and are living our dreams may share something with you that just might send you into another dimension of your business.

Have you tried The Thrive Real Economy Assessment?

The Thrive Real Economy Assessment, is my own personal tool I use to keep me on track. I use it to ask myself as objectively as possible, “What is really happening with me and my business?”

It’s simple. I assess my resources based on three measurable resources: Energy, Time and Money. I do this to guide myself toward realistic decisions for my business and well-being.

For example, when I tested this out for the first time in August 2016, I noticed I was spending “WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY” on Friends. If these Friends were Clients, then this wouldn’t have been a problem for my business. But these Friends were NOT Clients.  As soon as I saw this, I realized I needed to refocus my energy on connecting with Clients.

When I continued on with the assessment in the Time and Money categories, I realized I wasn’t using these resources effectively for my business either. My full example is illustrated in the image below.

The Thrive Real Economy Assessment is a simple and effective tool… when I use it! It helps me:

  • Stay accountable to my business
  • Know when I have energy, time, and money for my business
  • Make Real and practical decisions regarding plans for my business


Try out this free introduction of The Thrive Real Economy Assessment. It’s online and takes less than 8 minutes to complete. When you’re finished I hope you have a better idea of where you stand and what decisions you need to make for your healthy business and well-being.

Thrive Graphic Design loves to have conversations with creative business owners about how to keep our work creative, autonomous and interdependent.  

Contact Sarah to book a Real Economy Discussion about how your business can thrive, 778-230-2208 or sarah at thrive graphic design dot com.