Your Plants

Last chance to plant the following:

  • Beet leaf spinach
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Garlic
  • Japanese onion sets

Notes for Your Garden

Check to see if Brussel sprouts need harvesting (if leaves are yellow – add nitrogen feed to the soil)

Cabbages should be ready – watch for slugs in the leaves – sprinkle outside with salt to avoid slugs

Harvest the last of the beans, but leave the roots in the soil; use foliage for composting

Harvest the last of your potatoes – when leaves start dying, cut back leaves but leave potatoes for a couple of weeks to set skins and prevent potato blight. When harvested, leave out for a couple of week before putting into cold storage or paper sacks

Your Garden

  • Turn over the soil – dig as deep as you can – allows oxygen into the soils; exposes pathogenic insects and pests to the open air for the birds to feed on
  • Cover with all the leaves that have been cut out over the summer
  • Layer with lime
  • Then cover with compost
  • Then with organic horse manure
  • Then with organic chicken manure
  • If you have rabbit manure – apparently this is good as well, but I don’t have access to any

Your Berries

  • Prune back your blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, blackberries, raspberries
  • Fork in some good nitrogen fixers to create stronger bushes next year

Your Greenhouse

  • Make sure the vents are open on muggy days – to avoid fungal growth
  • Wash, clean, disinfect pots, glass
  • Bubble wrap windows if necessary
  • If you are like me, plant your hardy lettuces like artic king to give salads over the winter

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Dr. Holly Fourchalk, Ph.D., DNM®, RHT, MH, AAP, HT