Your Plants

  • Check your brussels sprouts – either ready for harvesting or netting for protection; harvest from the bottom up
  • Cauliflower – could be ready to harvest – keep in ding-film in the fridge – will last 6 weeks
  • Celery – ready to harvest
  • Garlic – they like dormancy and cold prior to growing in the spring
  • Hardy beans and Broad beans – if the soil doesn’t get too wet
  • Kale – ready to harvest
  • Leeks – should be ready to harvest about half
  • Spinach – ready to harvest
  • Turnips – ready to harvest
  • Winter brassicas – may need netting to protect from the birds

Your Garden

  • If your garden holds a lot of water – make a whole and drop in some sand for drainage

Your Fruit Trees

  • Prune apple and pear trees – and compost or mulch around the base
  • If younger, stake trees to protect them from bending with the winter weather

Your Berries

  • Compost around them, along with bone meal

Your Greenhouse

  • Clean and insulate
  • Reduce ventilation on colder days; and increase on warmer days

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Dr. Holly Fourchalk, Ph.D., DNM®, RHT, MH, AAP, HT