What is the point in hiring a professional?

pic of women collaborating over coffeeIndependent small business owners juggle many things in their day. Whether you are in a service industry or selling a product, your highest priority is giving your active clients what they need. When your active clients aren’t active your highest priority is introducing or reintroducing yourself to prospective clients.

The way we introduce ourselves to prospective clients is usually to market ourselves. Marketing ourselves will almost always include some form of graphic design. In Valley Women’s Network you have the opportunity to place ads in the newsletter and on the website.

In a previous article, Why would I want to hire a graphic designer?, it was suggested you could do the graphic design yourself, if you have the time, tools and know-how. If you don’t have these three things you need to hire someone.

Where the h___ do I start?

Start with who you know. Look around at your business associates, people you respect and admire. Look at how their business is represented online and in print. Look at how they represent themselves graphically. Do you like what you see? Does their presentation accurately represent who they are and why they do what they do?

Ask these people who they worked with to achieve such an accurate representation of themselves. If you find out they created the graphics themselves, ask them if they’ll help you. If they hired someone, ask them if they could refer you to that person.

Compile a list of those people who are well-aligned and well-positioned.

Meet with each person on your list. Get a sense of who s/he is and how s/he works. Ask questions. Make sure you can work together to realize your vision. In my experience, an uninterrupted half-hour meeting where each person has a chance to ask and answer direct questions about working together is sufficient to make a decision.

Call a professional.

Call your designer. Let him/her know you’d like to work with them to create something for your business. Ask them what is the best way to proceed. Every designer has a different way to stoke their creative fire. No matter what her/his experience level s/he should be able to clearly guide you through the methods that work best to give you the service that delivers satisfaction.

Read What the H$#@ Does a Graphic Designer Do? to find out more about what you’re getting into when you choose to work with a graphic designer.

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