At the stem of most sickness and premature aging is dehydration. When the cells get dry, they start to shrivel up and die. This creates premature aging as cells are dying too early and not living their full life span. Also when the cells get dry, they cannot stay healthy and strong, so sickness sets in.

The body can survive without food for 30 to 40 days but the body can not survive without liquid for more than 3 days. So the most important way of eating – is to EAT JUICY FOOD! Eat as much food with liquid and oxygen as possible for maximum healing and thriving.

How do we EAT JUICY FOOD? Simple! Eat lots of green smoothies, fruit smoothies, plant protein smoothies, green juices, vegetable juices, fruit juices, coconut water, lemon water, spring water, kombucha, raw fruit, raw vegetables, salads, raw desserts, fermented foods, and food that bursts with juiciness when we bite into it.

The more raw fruits and vegetables we can eat, and the more raw smoothies, juices and water we can drink, the more we will have energy, reverse our wrinkles, release constipation, lose weight, heal our ailments and prevent disease.

Raw food is the most ideal as it’s full of oxygen, water and most nutrition.

Cooked food, although yummy, has much less. When we smell food cooking, that is the oxygen leaving the food, when cooked food gets smaller, that is the water leaving the food, and as heat enters, it kills the life force energy of food.

DRINKING and EATING JUICY FOOD throughout the day is crucial to our longevity and vitality. It is important that we start first thing in the morning. Drinking lots of liquids before we eat breakfast, is the best way to start our day and create the most healing in our body.

As we sleep, the body is working and cleaning all night and is ready to flush out our toxins and yesterday’s waste. So drinking liquids in the morning is

like pouring liquid drano down our pipes. We flush out and clean out our body’s waste.

With so many years of nutrition training and creating full body healing with all my clients…I know first hand, that food is not as important to healing and survival as hydration is instead. We need liquid to survive, thrive and flush the bad stuff out.

My mom didn’t drink many liquids ever. She didn’t grow up learning to hydrate. She wasn’t thirsty so she didn’t drink. She didn’t know to do it for health reasons. 13 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 3 months later. Her death awakened my passion for healing the body naturally and I started to understand how important hydration really is. I believe dehydration was linked to early stages of her sickness. Her cells got dry and could not function properly and there was no liquid in her diet to flush the toxins out of her body.

Also, during the 3 months of her illness, she had no appetite and we struggled trying to find her food she would like or want to eat. I remember fearing that if my mom didn’t eat, she would starve or make her illness worse. I kept giving her liquids of all kind. I now know that a diet of nutritious liquids can help a sick person more than food.

If you are sick, or have a sick person in your life, then please add as much Juicy Food into the diet and lots of freshly squeezed green juices, green smoothies and water.

Try this new rejuvenating cleansing morning routine:


Wake up; connect to yourself and to your body; tell yourself you love yourself; get up and brush your teeth to clean your mouth of toxins; then drink a big glass of water or even better lemon water; then drink a big glass of green smoothie or green juice or a whole coconut.

Now you are ready to start your day.

Doing this morning routine, you will notice: more energy, more spring in your step, weight loss, more glowing skin, stronger hair and nails, bye bye constipation and feeling so much happier and healthier in your body!

Lemon Water Recipe:

1 quart of filtered or spring water

½ lemon squeezed in


Green Smoothie Recipe:

2 handfuls spinach and kale mix

2 small ripe bananas

1 cup fruit (pineapple, mango or berries)

3-4 cups filtered or spring water

Blend in a blender and drink

Eating Juicy Food will change your life. I promise you. You will look younger, feel better and heal your body. So much juicy love to you all. Love, Petra


Petra, is the Green Smoothie Gangster and Juicy Lifestyle Activist. She travels the world speaking, teaching and coaching about healthy eating, healthy thinking and healthy living. She and her team hand out green smoothie samples everywhere they go, turning people on to this healing drink and empowering them to take their health into their own hands.

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