So What Does New Years Mean for YOU?

  • A time for reflection?
  • A time to recognize all of your accomplishments/successes
  • A time to acknowledge the changes you have made
  • A time to be thankful for all that life has given you
  • A time to determine who you want to become
  • A time for new beginnings?
  • A time to extend your boundaries?
  • A time to commit to more goals?
  • An opportunity to create new positive associations?
  • A time to make new and better habits?
  • A new opportunity to reach your greater potential?

Some people view New Year’s Eve as a lonely time – they have no one to bring the New Year in with. Yet, romance doesn’t have to be a shared experience. Romance is all about doing something special or unexpected so do something special & unexpected for yourself. Light a fire; make your favorite meal; and take the time to have a bubble bath and read a good book while drinking your favorite champagne. The choices are endless – treat yourself with special delight.

Other people dread New Year’s Eve because they are with a partner who doesn’t share the same sentiments as they do. Or because the partner is bound to cause an upset whether they are out socially or at home privately. These can be difficult occasions to manover but you might want to do something you have never done before – again making the occasion special and unexpected.

Then we have the couples who know how to enjoy New Year’s Eve – whether they decide to celebrate socially or privately – they make the evening a special time to be together.

Regardless of how you chose to spend the evening…you, or the two of you, might want to explore the above list of items. They allow you to validate, acknowledge, explore who you are in greater depth. To gain a deeper understanding of:  who you were; who you are; and who you want to be – as an individual or as a couple or as a family.

Happy New Years….and I hope you choose to make this the best year ever.

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