What is REAL Medicine.

What would you consider REAL Medicine?  For the last 10 years, In North America, we have been taught that MDs provide real medicine and everything else is “hocus-pocus”; “flaky Naturopathic stuff”; “hoky Eastern”; snake oil; etc

Yet, more and more science is recognizing the reality behind all that “nonsense”, and in fact, research is revealing how REAL foods and herbs are actually hugely medicinal.  Surprise, surprise.Dr Holly needles

Did you know that most of Western “pharmaceutical drugs” are based on foods and herbs?  Big Pharma cannot patent anything that is REAL or Natural, so they have to look for the “active ingredient” in a food or a herb; then they isolate it; then they synthesize it; AND then they expect it to work better than what it did in its natural form when the compound was working in conjunction with a huge number of other compounds!

Now let’s take a minute and think about this.  When or where in nature, does anything ever operate in isolation?  When does nature take a given compound and expect it to work in isolation.  Whether we look at people; look at the systems in our bodies; or the tissues; or the organs; or the cells; or even atoms…nothing works in isolation.  When anything works effectively, it works in conjunction with; in dynamic interaction with; in corporation with; a multitude of other factors.

It becomes very interesting when one starts to ponder at the incredible narcissistic arrogance of Big Pharma to think that they can outperform nature, even when they are only getting a small Dr Holly healthy fat saladgrasp on what it is that the body does.  Never mind what nutrients the body requires to perform the huge number of functions that it engages in for our benefit.

But let’s take this a step further.  They not only isolate a given compound, and strip it of all its interacting phytonutrients that it normally functions with, but as if that wasn’t bad enough, they try to synthesize it.  They use man-made chemicals to create a compound that is similar to the original compound.  What they teach us is that the new and improved synthetic compound is actually better than the original.

If that is the case, then why is it that 48% of the 250 most common drugs cause cancer?  Why is it that 99% of pharmaceutical drugs deplete the body of nutrients?  Why is that they don’t even know the mechanism of action for over 95% of the drugs – it is suggested, hypothesized, indicated, but they don’t know!!  Which is why, many drugs end up being used for a variety of other things once the patent is over…actually even before the patent is finished.  For instance, how a about a well-known anti-depressant being used as a treatment for urinary tract infection, once the patent is over.  And they call this real medicine?

Did you know that there are herbs that work 400 times better than metformin for diabetes?  Oh yeah and did I tell you, we actually eliminate diabetes rather than manage it with synthetic drugs?

Or what about hypothyroid and Synthroid.   Did you know that the WHO claims that 80% of the people on synthroid in North America shouldn’t be on it?  That it actually causes rT3 dominance which means you will be on it for the rest of your life, unless you go to an alternative practitioner who with REAL medicine will look at the adrenals and the liver and find out what is really going on and solve the underlying issue?

Did you know that there are a huge number of physiological conditions that can cause depression and that neither going to a therapist or taking drugs will solve the problem because it is the body?  Did you know that the microbiota in your gut can impact on your thoughts, emotions and behavior?  WOW!  Yet we are told to take anti-biotics, vaccinations and other drugs that kill these precious creatures we depend on.

Did you know that 3000 years ago, in India, they used the body’s meridians and marma points aka acupuncture points for anesthetics:  both locally and generally!  They didn’t use synthetic anesthetics that can kill!  And, they could transplant whole limbs, never mind organs!!  And we think we are far ahead?  We are just coming out of the dark ages.

Did you know that eating a hard, tart apple a day does better than taking an anti-cholesterol pill?

So what is REAL medicine then?  Well, I would suggest that whether you believe in some form of evolution or some form of creationism or some combination of both…it doesn’t matter.  No matter which way you believe or regardless of what I believe…nature and man are part of an interactive interdynamic ecological system.  Both internally and externally.

Nature provides all the nutrients:  vitamins, minerals, fats, amino acids, fatty acids, phytonutrients, microbiota, etc that we require not only for good health but to regain our health, when we screw it up.

The old saying “the more man gets involved, the worse it is for you” has been proven over and over again.  The more man adds synthetic fertilizers to our soils, the more depleted the soils become and the more deficient our food becomes.  When man gets involved with the genetics of foods, ie., Monsanto; or when man sprays the food with toxic chemicals like DDT or RoundUP, the food causes harm to the eco system and to our health.  When man starts to pasteurize, microwave or otherwise process our foods, the less nutrients the food has and the more carcinogenic it becomes.

But when we acknowledge the wonder of nature and respect and cooperate with nature, the more bountiful the food becomes and the healthier we become.

Our bodies require sugar, but when we eat processed sugars, we lose.

Our bodies require proteins, but when we eat meat that has hormone and anti-biotic injections, we lose.

Our bodies require all kinds of complex carbohydrates, but when we eat processed, microwaved, pasteurized, fast foods, we lose.

We need water, but when we drink polluted, toxic waters, we lose.

REAL medicine is the utilization of what is naturally provided for us:  whole, organic, non-GMO foods and herbs.  When we enable the body to function in the manner it was meant to function, utilizing REAL foods and herbs, then we regain REAL health.

Here’s to making wise decisions and to your health.

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Here’s to your health!

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