Secrets of Love and Passion

Living from your heart with passion can be emotional, spiritual and physical. It can take you to the heights of ecstasy and it can also cause self doubt and low self esteem if you’re constantly searching for love and passion outside of yourself.

Passion is present everywhere and if you push it aside, afraid to really experience the all out glory of it, you miss a vital part of human life that can lift your spirit to eternal joy. Love and passion are connected or at least intertwined and when you allow yourself to live in the energy of surrender and flow to let your passion surface, it can change your life. It can be the cherry on top of a wonderful lifestyle and it begins with your decision to make it so.

Imagine a life where your career is your passion, our love life is spectacular and your spare time is spent loving every moment, even when you’re making the bed or doing the dishes. You can have it all but it’s not going to come without some self reflection, compassion, awareness and
the list goes on. It’s a constant process of tuning in to how your body feels, what energy you are creating and the depth of your relationships. Love and passion can be experienced with someone else but it comes from within. You decide if you’re going to be into something or not. It’s your energy and belief that makes it what it is.

The key is to refresh and restart with the belief that you are capable and worthy of living a passionate life, loving every moment no matter how much debt you have, whether you’re married or divorced or whether you’ve even experienced a passionate moment. Passion is a zest for life in the present and an excitement about your future. It’s also the knowing when the zest isn’t there, it’s ok. Whatever emotion you experience is short lived and you can get back to being in the passion very soon. And even when you’re in debt it’s a feeling that every day you are in the process of making things better.

There are so many great aspects in your life and it’s important your mind automatically remembers the wisdom of positive thought. Yes you’re going to experience emotions that deflect you from feeling your passion but self love is a constant. The secrets of love and passion are simple. You decide and make it so from the energy you put into¬† whatever you are doing, with whomever you are with and whatever you desire.

Cynthia Miller, CHt
phone: 604-779-9100