Thanks for all the Love!

Check out these amazing testimonials we have received about Surrey Delta Valley Women’s Association Meetings!

Love the women I work with on the SDVWA core. We have some great things lined up for the upcoming luncheons… make sure to register. You will be so happy you did!
Dale Grove 

Fantastic Core and group of women working together!
~ Julia Greene 

I love meeting with these lovely women each month. They are always welcoming and super helpful in promoting my business. Thank you so much!
~ Sarah Enright

Great information! Great conversations!
~ Christine Johel

Surrey Delta Valley Women’s Network is a wonderful organization that I am happy to be a part of!
~ Leah Albrecht 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to network and learn lots with amazing women!
~ Lisa Dorazio

Just joined this friendly, supportive group. The women I have met so far have been truly helpful and hold the space with integrity.
~ Susan

I am very pleased overall with this group and have recommended it to others.
~ Lisa Larson

Very wonderful ladies I met today.
~ Chelsey Hoban 

It was fun to meet such a friendly group of professional women. It was interesting to hear about their businesses. Thank you.
~ Linda Shea

I met a number of friends and made contact with a few new people. I really like how each VWN chapter has its’ own personality.
~ Christine Pollock

It was a great opportunity to meet such wonderful people in the group, sharing thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to the next meeting.
~ Teri McKenzie

Excellent experience, I am excited to know these great women and to see what we can all create together.
~ Sherri-Lee W.

Great women! I’m so glad I went and had the opportunity to meet everyone who came out. I’m really looking forward to the next meetup and getting to know everyone better.
~ Tawney Gorrie

Good opportunity to meet local people.
~ Elaine Clark

It’s a great place to go to connect with other women in business. We all face different challenges in our business/personal life, it’s very important to help each other out.
~ Chana R  

Learn tricks of the trade from other women and meet new friends!
~ Janet Megahy

Great way to meet other ladies in the business world.
~ Jan Kleven

It allows you network and meet some very interesting and positive people who we all need in our lives. These type of meetings enables you to learn from other women who have so much to offer.
~ Balvir Dhadda 

Great for newcomers to the area or province.
~ Shaaron Small

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