So who took that “moment” during our festive New Year celebration to pause and reflect? To reconsider, re-examine and most likely re-commit? As an Image Consultant I’m always concerned about a woman’s constant need to lose weight… which in hindsight was always my favorite resolution. Thankfully we’ve started to realize that a fitness goal needs to be balanced with a lifestyle change which in turn results in feeling better about ourselves, inside and out! In 2012, a Washington State University study found that the “above-average” sized woman now represents almost 67% of the female population in North America. And because this dramatic number reflects the majority of women, that must mean that the larger-sized woman is therefore exactly like her smaller counterpart! She’s involved in either a corporate or domestic career – or both – and she most definitely gets married, swims and plays golf. Vital and active; successful, attractive modern women!

And finally. Ever so slowly, the fashion industry IS beginning to respond with the most basic of beauty needs for today’s shapely woman. Stylish denim jeans are starting to appear. Lingerie that sizzles! Trendy fabrics and color; pencil skirts and wedding dresses. Beauty without the frump and fashion collections with designer labels. Shopping resources are starting to offer selections and may be somewhat limited, yet more rare is advice on how to dress our curves! Adding to this very new Fashionista’s confusion is equating her need for “fashion” and how it’s supposed to provide her with a sense of “personal style” yet in industry-speak, these two words couldn’t be further apart.

Fashion is defined as clothing that’s accessible to anyone with a bank account or credit card. Style on the other hand is always more difficult to pin down because it relates to how we feel about living in the body we have, physically and mentally. This sense of spirit or “joie de vivre” translates to self confidence and if we’re able to mix in an understanding of fashion and how to dress, you will have the final key to personal style because we share who we are visually, through what we wear.

This holiday season may offer a new beginning for many and a Style Recipe can certainly provide that starting point. In fact, why not use it as introduction to a stylish new you?

Heather Elrick International-Certified Image Consultant and Author

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