Crowdsourcing brings in new ideas as well as money

Many of us are now acquainted with crowdsourcing as a quick way to raise money for various causes or even to start a promising business. However, have you heard about using crowdsourcing to find out answers to directions for a company, choices of new products or even where to locate?

New Crowdsourcing Companies

The companies, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are now well established ways to tap into people’s pockets but move over. UserTesting and IdeaScale have entered the scene. It seems that a client base, whether online or offline likes to be consulted and will give you answers much faster than other means such as focus groups or expensive consultants.

But does it work? Here’s a case reported by Constance Gustke in The New York Times  “UserTesting, for instance, helped Speek, a conference calling service, adjust its web design to make it more understandable. As a result, registrations jumped 60 percent, according to Speek.” To see the original article click here.

It seems that often the best ideas come from outside the company. Employees don’t question the standard practices as it might influence their promotions or even their jobs. However, the secret is finding the right target group to give feedback.

Keeping up with the changes in people’s tastes can be difficult.

This method is not only cheaper but also faster. Due to the digital age we live in everything changes very fast. Keeping up with the changes in people’s tastes can be difficult.

I personally have been sent more surveys recently. I don’t mind participating unless the survey ends up with a sales pitch. I’m interested in helping the company, not being pulled into an advertising campaign. So all you who will concoct surveys in the near future: just thank your participants and let it go at that. You already have their e-mail addresses or their likes on social media. Let them reach out to you. This crowdsourcing approach can save you and your business lots of money.

~Vicki Starfire

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